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Switch Plate Sizes & Dimensions Chart

Sizes & Dimensions for Standard and Oversized Toggle and Decora Paddle Light Switch Plates Refer to this chart when deciding which size custom switch plate to order.  For information on ordering custom switch plates, see my digital brochure: Custom Light Switch...

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Seed Bead Quantities by Gram

Here is a helpful chart I put together, which is great when you're ordering beads for a specific pattern or project. How often have you run out of a color only to discover you can't find them anymore? Avoid that issue and order enough before you start your project....

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Mohs Scale of Gemstone Hardness

The Mohs Scale is commonly used to rate gemstone hardness. It's very useful to know the hardness of the particular gemstone you're working with so that you can design a mounting or piece of jewelry appropriate for it, resulting in a quality, durable piece of jewelry....

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Buff and Compound Selection Chart

I often found myself referring to two different charts that I found online when learning how to finish metals.  I finally combined them into one page.  Here is my combined chart that tells you which buff to select for your application in conjunction with which...

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